the ideal product if you are looking for a solution to integration


The FORTES touch screen is a ready-to-use component which can add a touch to your devices. Integrating the touch screen is easy; therefore, it is an excellent choice for various industries.


Made to order size, shape and printing

We can offer to our partner’s screen with almost limitless ranges of shapes, sizes, or ratios. Thanks to our flexible production, we can produce customized products in quantities from one piece. So if you have any specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create an ideal product.


Touch technology has fast response

Our touch screen with projected capacitive technology offers an excellent five millisecond response time, 2-millimeter touch accuracy, and up to 10 simultaneous touch points which secure the great experience with the usage of our components.


FORTES touch screen are designed to meet impact resistance with severity level IK 08 and IK 10. But what does it mean for our partners? The IK code should be an essential criterion to consider before you decide to buy any component that will serve as the protection of electrical systems. The higher the degree of IK is, the more energy can the screen absorb without taking damage. IK08 and above is recommended for fixtures that bear a potential risk of impacts, such as public areas internal and external, which could be subject to attempted vandalism.

Why cooperate with us?


We offer custom designs for our products in quantities from 1 piece.

lead time

We ship standardized products within two working days from when you place the order.


Purchase is just the beginning of a long relationship. All our products come with after-sale remote support.