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Outdoor Solution

FORTOUCH O is the highly customizable touch screen with adjustments for outdoor performance.

We optimize FORTOUCH O to overcome common outdoor challenges (rain, sun, heat, and vandalism) that can negatively influence the touch experience.

You can use FORTOUCH O with different outdoor interactive devices (kiosks, information panels).


We adjust FORTOUCH O so it perfectly fit in to your device. You can choose:

  • Size from 10" - 110"
  • Tail position (side or bottom)
  • Touch sensor laminated in the middle of the cover glass or on the back of the screen
  • Type of cover glass (Ultra-Clear, Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective)
  • UV or IR protection
  • Thickness of the cover glass (3+3 mm, 4+4 mm)
  • Corner Radius
  • Cutouts, Holes, or other Irregular adjustments

Typical Application

The outdoor adjustments of FORTOUCH O make it an ideal solution for any outdoor device.

Information kiosks

Vending and Parking Machines


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Custom designs in quantities from 1 piece

Sizes from 10" to 110"

Prototyping with no tooling fee


Compatible with most OS

You don't need to install any additional drivers

You receive tuned and calibrated product


Projected capacitive technology

ITO, Metal Mesh, or Silver Nano

Without interferences