Smart Mirror

For most people, interactive(smart) mirrors are futuristic concepts, which can be seen mainly in science fiction movies. With FORTES interactive, fiction can quickly become a reality! How is that possible?

20. 3. 2020

Single-Touch or Multi-touch?

With FORTES interactive you can have both of them!

18. 2. 2020

Anti-Glare vs Anti-Reflective

What is the difference between Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflective screen?

20. 1. 2020

ARCOR - futuristic desk

FORTES interactive PCAP touch foil is a part of the futuristic workbench.

2. 1. 2020

We are coming at ISE!

Visit us from 11 to 14 February 2020 in Rai (Amsterdam)
at Hall 08 booth G363!

6. 12. 2019

BLOG: What is PCAP technology?

PCAP touch screen is the type of display that uses projected capacitive technology. It is one of the most common types of touch screen

23. 10. 2019


New level of customization. We do not customize just the shape, but also traits of our components!

14. 10. 2019

BLOG: CleanRoom

The cleanroom is an integral part of many industries, and touch industry is one of them!

14. 10. 2019

Our new home

Sometimes you have to make a change to progress. So we changed our headquarter!

14. 10. 2019

IK10 Touch Screen

FORTES touch screens are designed to meet impact resistance with severity level IK08 and IK10

10. 9. 2019