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Purchase means the beginning of the long relationship

FAQ - Business

We accept bank transfers or PayPal accaount payments.
Our products are safely packed in wooden boxes and shipped by TNT, DHL, or sea freight to you!
We keep standard touch foils in stock so we are able to ship them on the day of placing the order. Custom touch screens are shipped within 3 weeks of placing the order. In larger projects, we are able to have touch screens ready for larger quantities and supply you “Just in Time”.
There are several reasons.
  1. We customize our solution from one piece
  2. Our technology is tested and being used across the Europe
  3. We can ship standard products within two working days from when you place the order
  4. We provide our partners with remote support
We focus on making our solution easy to integrate. Therefore, we always deliver a unique component, that you just put into the higher unit and it is ready to use. We also tune the touch technology on your final device, so you don't need to worry about the common issues with touch technology (ghost touches).
Touch screen is a ready-made component designed for immediate incorporation into a higher unit while touch foil is a component designed to be installed on for example an existing screen kiosk or shop window.
Touch screen is a more stylish and powerful device that will be more convenient for your customers - same as mobile phones /tablets. The touch screen responds to the charge in the finger / stylus so there are no unwanted touches such as with long sleeves. The durability of touch foil is higher than that of the diodes in touch frames.
Yes, if you already have kiosks ready and want to make them interactive, just install the touchscreen from the inside of the kiosk. You can count with our support during installation.

FAQ – Technical

No. Our touch solution uses HID protocol so you just need to connect it to your PC and touch technology will work.
Our touch solution works on devices that support HID multitouch. By default, it is Windows 7 and higher, Linux, Android, webOS, BrightSign, macOS up to 10.11 version.
The minimum distance of the touch solution from the screen is 2 mm depending on the type of display.
Yes! Our FORTOUCH O is adjusted to overcome the most common outdoor challenges (Rain, Sunlight, Vandalism) and thus performs flawlessly in the harsh outdoor environment!
Our standard touch screen meets IK 7 mechanical resistance. If you require more strength, we can produce a touch screen with IK 10 mechanical resistance.
Yes, our touch technology has a UV layer that prevents it from yellowing. Outdoor touch screens have yet another layer of UV protection to protect them from sunlight.
You can either use our tool to make basic adjustments (sensitivity, threshold, orientation), or you can use the help of our support team, which can help you set up the touch screen right on your device.
Based on your needs, we can customize:
  • Size, shape, or aspect ratio of the sensor
  • Size of the active area
  • Number of touchpoints
  • Tail position and length
  • Size, shape, or aspect ratio of the cover glass
  • Type of cover glass (UltraClear, AntiGlare, AntiReflective, Mirror)
  • Irregular adjustments (holes, cutouts)
  • Colorful printing



Custom designs in quantities from 1 piece

Sizes from 10" to 110"

Prototyping with no tooling fee


Compatible with most OS

You don't need to install any additional drivers

You receive tuned and calibrated product


Projected capacitive technology

ITO, Metal Mesh, or Silver Nano

Without interferences