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The FORTES interactive story

FORTES was established in 2013 and our main motivation was our passion for interactive, touch and projection technology. From the very beginning we took the path of development by way of bespoke solutions. We believe that if interactive technology is to deliver information in an enjoyable manner and also be a useful commercial instrument it must adapt to the needs and wishes of its users. Not vice versa.

What's next?

In the near future, we want to continue to expand abroad and to develop wholesale. We want to develop the entire business on availability, delivery speed, customer service and non-stop support. Besides that, our dream, which we had founding a company, is to own the production of touch screen technology. Step by step, we want to get closer to this goal.

Where does the name FORTES come from?

Searching for the words we like - we came across the word FORTES, meaning strong in Portuguese. When we went to the notary office, we were told that the name was already taken and we had to add another word - so we founded FORTES Enterprise, Ltd. (back then, we were working on many things - touch technology, projection, tables, SW resellers, projectors). Later on, we gradually began to devote ourselves to touch technology and our own SW. In 2017, a strategic partner joined us and we changed the company name to FORTES interactive, Ltd. which describes better what we focus on.

Libor Vosicky



Custom designs in quantities from 1 piece

Sizes from 10" to 110"

Prototyping with no tooling fee


Compatible with most OS

You don't need to install any additional drivers

You receive tuned and calibrated product


Projected capacitive technology

ITO, Metal Mesh, or Silver Nano

Without interferences