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The ideal solution for indoor and outdoor interactive devices


Made to order size, shape and printing

We produce custom PCAP touch screens in quantities from 1 piece. Based on your needs, we can customize:
  • Size, shape, thickness, aspect ratio or corners (radius) of the cover glass
  • Size of the active area
  • Tail position
  • Firmware
  • Cutouts, Holes, or other irregular adjustments
  • Type of cover glass (UltraClear, AntiGlare, AntiReflective, Mirror)


Touch technology has fast response

Our touch screen with projected capacitive technology offers an excellent five millisecond response time, 2-millimeter touch accuracy, and up to 10 simultaneous touch points which secure the great experience with the usage of our components.


The limitless range of customization options makes the FORTES PCAP touch screen an excellent solution for various industries and different devices.
  • Gaming - Interactive slot machines, gaming tables
  • Retail - Point of sale kiosks, interactive mirrors, outdoor kiosk, digital signage
  • Industry - Industrial dust-proof PCs
  • Office & Education - Smart Boards

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Vlastní design v množství od 1 kusu

Velikost od 10" do 110"

Prototypování bez poplatku za nástroje

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Projektovaná kapacitní technologie

ITO, Metal Mesh, nebo Silver Nano

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