Eliminates 99% of microorganisms on the touch screen's surface


Ultraleap survey of the UK and US public in May this year found that 80% of consumers think touchscreens are unhygienic and want to avoid them in the future.

According to InsuranceQuotes.com, the average airport self-check-in screen contains 253,857 colony-forming units (viable bacteria). In comparison, an average of only 172 CFU is found on toilet seats.

As the manufacturers of capacitive touch screens, we decided to develop a solution, which reduces the risk of transmitting bacterias, yeasts, and viruses through touch screens.

Lotus Foil

Lotus is a transparent self-cleaning foil that neutralizes harmful organisms' growth on a touch screen's surface.

  • Provides enhanced protection against viruses, bacterias, and yeasts
  • The cleaning process is activated by the light source
  • Lotus protects the surface 24/7

How it Works

LOTUS uses an effective ongoing cleaning process that is harmless for the people and the environment. It does not release any harmful substances.

  • Finger Touch - When you touch the touch screen's surface, you transfer your finger's uncleanliness on the touch screen.
  • Light Source - The light source activates the cleaning processes on the touch screen's surface.
  • Clean Surface - The result is a clean surface with a lower risk of bacterias or viruses transmission.


Laboratory proved to neutralize most of the common viruses and bacterias.

Entirely environmentally friendly.

It does not affect the functionality of the touch screen.

Protects the surface 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The cleaning process is activated by daylight or artificial light.

Typical Application

Thanks to its customization option, Lotus is suitable for all possible types of touch screens.

  • POS Kiosks
  • Interactive Totems
  • Tablet
  • Self-Checking Kiosk

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