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The combination of our 48" touch screen and apple operating system, has created probably one of the biggest Apple tablets in the world. The compatibility is one of the main advantages of our devices. and that’s the reason why UniMac, the world’s leading commercial laundry machine manufacturer, has decided to use our component to build exclusive touch table, which they use as a presentation tool in various exhibitions.


Our partner Lamax had specific demands for the touch screen, which they wanted as the component of their touch table. They needed holes on the screen so they could install the security system to protect the presented products. Further, they wanted to display their products attractively, and because their products are particularly black colored, they wanted two white stripes on the edges of the screen.


In the children department of Jiří Mahen library is installed the interactive touch table, which uses our touch screen to provide small visitors with the finest touch experience. The screen technology used in the library is remarkable because it can identify unbelievable 100 simultaneous touch points. Immediately after the installation, the table has become the favorite attraction in the children’s department.


The touch tables in Jan Paukert bistro has a built-in 32" LCD screen in durable glass that offers a Full-HD resolution and can detect up to ten simultaneous touch points simultaneously. The screen has anti-glare surface treatment, which means they are equipped with special anti-reflection coating to prevent disturbing light reflections. The screen works perfectly with the used Android operating system.


Sometimes the sellers do not have full control over the situation in their store, and if they use some expensive electrical devices, they need adequate protection. T-Mobile uses our touch screen as a component of its in-store interactive system of product presentation, and because of the high resistance of our screen, they do not have to worry themselves about improper handling with an interactive system.

digital terminal

FORTES interactive TouchScreen is an excellent choice for industrial PCs. To minimize the risk of physical damage, we used tempered glass with higher resistance IK08. Also, because of the dusty conditions, we joined the TouchScreen to the display with the process called AirBonding. It protects the safety of the device and also assures the best possible touch experience.

interactive board

The interactive boards allow users to collaborate effectively and thus increase the productivity of the team. The essential part of every interactive board is the touch screen, which enables users to operate the whole device. FORTES interactive PCAP touch screen with impact resistance up to 10IK, and up to 40 simultaneous touchpoints is the perfect option for every interactive board.


The combination of two 75" inches displays and FORTES interactive PCAP touchscreen created the ultra-wide interactive office board! The extra size allows users to collaborate effectively and thus increase the productivity of the team. If the users want to write something on the board, they can use the passive stylus, which works perfectly with the PCAP technology.


Our touch screen is highly durable, and it can operate in higher temperatures. The maximum operating temperature of our screen is 70° C. Therefore; it can be placed close to the source of heat as it is in 360Pizza, where they’ve decided to use our custom anti-glare touch screen with special surface treatment as a component of their self-ordering pizza system.


The interactive navigation system in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) is placed at the reception of the building, behind the thick glass. The students and the other visitors of FME can control the system via our touch foil. Thanks to this solution, the whole system is perfectly protected from any kind of physical damage.

100 CZK

A lot of shop owners underestimate the value of their shop window. But that’s not the case of the 100CZk one of the biggest hairdressing franchises in the Czech Republic. They’ve installed our touch foil behind the 12mm strong glass and combined it with 48" Full-HD screen. The touch foil has multi-touch, which means it can recognize more than one touch at one moment, so operating the interactive shop window is truly smooth.


The FORTES Interactive touch foil has 5-millisecond touch response. But if you combine it with a powerful PC, the eventual touch response can be even quicker. For illustration, in the Valmont, they have FORTES touch foil connected to a powerful PC, and there is no chance to observe any delay between the moment of the finger touch and its detection. Only precise measure would reveal how long it takes to recognize the touch.


Most of our partners combine FORTES touch foil with the glass surface, but it is not the rule. A great example is the ARTable, the project of students from VUT. They have created a futuristic concept of the working table where they have combined our FORTES touch foil with four millimeters strong plastic, which is conductive material and works smoothly with the touch foil.


FORTES Interactive touch foil can transform a classic shop window into an interactive catalog or e-shop, which can grab the attention of passers-by. That’s how T-mobile use our product. They’ve placed a Full-HD screen behind the 12mm thick glass of their shop window and combined it with our touch foil, which can detect up to 10 simultaneous touch points. The screen is protected and touch experience is excellent.


Interactive Foils

Interactive foils are super thin PVC foils  that uses projected capacitive technology (PCAP) to detect the touch! 

15. 7. 2021

PCAP Touch Foil

PCAP touch foil is a skinny and transparent substance that can transform glass substrate into an interactive touch screen

15. 7. 2021


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29. 9. 2020

Water Performance

Every interactive technology must be adequately adjusted.

12. 8. 2020

Vandal Proof

 Outdoor kiosks (or other devices) bear a potential risk of becoming the target of vandalism. 

7. 8. 2020

Smart Mirror

For most people, interactive(smart) mirrors are futuristic concepts, which can be seen mainly in science fiction movies. With FORTES interactive, fiction can quickly become a reality! How is that possible?

20. 3. 2020

Single-Touch or Multi-touch?

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18. 2. 2020

Anti-Glare vs Anti-Reflective

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20. 1. 2020

ARCOR - futuristic desk

FORTES interactive PCAP touch foil is a part of the futuristic workbench.

2. 1. 2020