If you need to upgrade existing devices, the touch foil technology is a great choice


The touch foil is perfect option if you want to convert classic shop window into interactive catalogue, upgrade slot machines, touch windows or information kiosks.


There is no need to install any driver

The FORTES touch foil is the proven solution, which can convert any conductive material into an interactive touch screen! It has multi-touch compatibility with most of the popular OS and single-touch compatibility with OSX. There is no need to install any additional driver.


We can customize our foils so they perfectly meet your demands. Don‘t worry if you need to upgrade device with abnormal size or unusual ratio. Just contact us and together we will try to find the best feasible solution.


Touch technology has fast response

Our touch foil with projected capacitive technology offers an awesome 5 millisecond response time, 2 millimeter touch accuracy, up to 10 simultaneous touch points which secures the excellent experience with the usage of our components.


FORTES Interactive touch foil can transform a classic shop window into an interactive catalog or e-shop, which can grab the attention of passers-by. That’s how T-mobile use our product. They’ve placed a Full-HD screen behind the 12mm thick glass of their shop window and combined it with our touch foil, which can detect up to 10 simultaneous touch points. The screen is protected and touch experience is excellent.

Why cooperate with us?


We offer custom designs for our products in quantities from 1 piece.

lead time

We ship standardized products within two working days from when you place the order.


Purchase is just the beginning of a long relationship. All our products come with after-sale remote support.