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Knauf Insulation - digital board

7. 3. 2022

We are working with a partner company inpublic technology s.r.o. on an exciting project for the company Knauf Insulation factory Krupka - one of the topmost modern factories for the production of mineral glass wool in Europe. 

During COVID, the management of Knauf Insulation realized that a high level of employee awareness is important for the effective and quick operation of the company. Stricter measures, warnings to increase hygiene, or an emergency plan when meeting an infected person  cannot be explained simply, quickly, and clearly on a classic paper board. 

Therefore, a tailor-made interactive notice board was created! This state-of-the-art device is used to enter the plant to inform employees about current measures, company news, and much more 📰. Content is uploaded remotely by management, so it is available to employees immediately upon release. The digital board can also notify employees that a new announcement has been added, which increases the effectiveness of information targeting.

The integral parts of the interactive notice board are tailor-made touch screens with FORTOUCH C technology and Ultra-Clear cover glass. This combination delivers reliable touch control and a pure image for an exceptional user experience!

Knauf Insulation just keep going! I hope you will be an inspiration for other companies as well!