We are part of #brnoregion

We’ve established our business in Brno, the capital of the South Moravian Region. #brnoregion has the ideal conditions for bringing creativity and progress together. There is a perfect innovation ecosystem, modern local government, and massive support for research and development. It hosts an international accelerator for start-ups, JIC, which assists talented individuals and groups when they go into business. Therefore, it is an ideal environment for growth and progress as 213 active start-ups show.

We are

educated people

96.4 %

of the #brnoregion population aged 30-34 finished their education with school-leaving qualification or higher.

a start-up region

5.7 %

of #brnoregion businesses are companies no more than three years old.


5 %

of employees are in high-tech spheres, which corresponds with Western German region.

Why cooperate with us?


We offer custom designs for our products in quantities from 1 piece.

lead time

We ship standardized products within two working days from when you place the order.


Purchase is just the beginning of a long relationship. All our products come with after-sale remote support.